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Official Rules

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- Racism is not allowed
- Abusing the chat system is not permitted
- Using bugs/hacks to get money is not allowed and is a permanent ban
- Reporting huge bugs may result in a reward
- Police can patrol illegal zones every 15 minutes, found being in a red zone is resulting in arresting/kill on sight if you are a danger for an officer.
- Carrying all kind of narcotics is illegal
- Carrying weapons is not allowed, they should remain at home at all times
- Advertising is not permitted in any way, in discord or in-game.
- Stealing emergency vehicles isn't allowed.
- In a robbery, always negotiate before start shooting, no shooting right away.
- You can't kill paramedics! But kidnapping them is allowed as long as they don't die. 
- New life rule is active from when you die, and don't get revived. It has a period of 15 minutes so don't return to the death location within 15 minutes!
- Max seven people in a gang, including the owner of the gang.
- Doing robberies on stores and banks while police are not online is counted as failrp and money will be deducted from your wallet/bank.
- Exploiting is not allowed in any form.

- Your allowed to carry a handgun if you have a license
- If you know someone is using bugs / modding, you have to tell staff otherwise you and the modder gets punished.
- Killing NPCs to get weapons will result in punishment. 
- If there is below than 3 cops on, officers can break new life rule and spawn as new units if it is prioritized situations such as robberies and kidnappings.
- Chemical license is illegal, same with money laundering license. Police may seize this at all times.
- While in cuffs you are not allowed to communicate to anyone in chat, twitter, phone or any other way than speaking in-game.
- To make an gang you have to donate for the gang perk in our store, this is to avoid people abusing their gangs.
- If you lose/can’t take out items because of a bug that can be fixed in the future, you will have to wait. If you died or something like that from a modder or bug, have evidence and show it to a staff member and we will refund you! - Officers can decide to send you to jail and fine you, or just fine you. It depends on the situation and the officer. - You have the right to have a lawyer; you can choose to contact one or go directly to jail or get fined.
- Your only allowed to rob stores, yacht, mansion and other places with a minimum of 3 cops on duty, press F10 to check this!

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