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Found 2 results

  1. Rules - Racism is not allowed - Abusing the chat system is not permitted - Using bugs/hacks to get money is not allowed and is a permanent ban - Reporting huge bugs may result in a reward - Police can patrol illegal zones every 15 minutes, found being in a red zone is resulting in arresting/kill on sight if you are a danger for an officer. - Carrying all kind of narcotics is illegal - Carrying weapons is not allowed, they should remain at home at all times - Advertising is not permitted in any way, in discord or in-game. - Stealing emergency vehicles isn't allowed. - In a robbery, always negotiate before start shooting, no shooting right away. - You can't kill paramedics! But kidnapping them is allowed as long as they don't die. - New life rule is active from when you die, and don't get revived. It has a period of 15 minutes so don't return to the death location within 15 minutes! - Max seven people in a gang, including the owner of the gang. - Doing robberies on stores and banks while police are not online is counted as failrp and money will be deducted from your wallet/bank. - Exploiting is not allowed in any form. - Your allowed to carry a handgun if you have a license - If you know someone is using bugs / modding, you have to tell staff otherwise you and the modder gets punished. - Killing NPCs to get weapons will result in punishment. - If there is below than 3 cops on, officers can break new life rule and spawn as new units if it is prioritized situations such as robberies and kidnappings. - Chemical license is illegal, same with money laundering license. Police may seize this at all times. - While in cuffs you are not allowed to communicate to anyone in chat, twitter, phone or any other way than speaking in-game. - To make an gang you have to donate for the gang perk in our store, this is to avoid people abusing their gangs. - If you lose/can’t take out items because of a bug that can be fixed in the future, you will have to wait. If you died or something like that from a modder or bug, have evidence and show it to a staff member and we will refund you! - Officers can decide to send you to jail and fine you, or just fine you. It depends on the situation and the officer. - You have the right to have a lawyer; you can choose to contact one or go directly to jail or get fined. - Your only allowed to rob stores, yacht, mansion and other places with a minimum of 3 cops on duty, press F10 to check this!
  2. Discord Laws - We do not allow spamming, swear-words or racism towards other members (OOC). - Link to any harmful websites, IP grabbers or dangerous software is not allowed and is a permanent mute on the server. - Using emojis that can be taken as harassment will be deleted and the person who sent it is getting muted. - Found a bug using our channels? Open a ticket. - I can't access a channel, what to do? You need the right role probably. - Self-promoting is not allowed in any kind or way. - Do not advertise other discord servers in your discord custom message, doing so can result in a kick. - No inappropriate pictures or profile pictures. - Spreading false information regarding the server or anything is not permitted. - Do not tag people without a good reason, only tag staff members if it is very important or an emergency. Failing to follow this is a strike/warn. - Homophobia is not permitted, if it is in roleplay then it is fine to standard limits. - We do follow discord terms of service, read more (https://discordapp.com/terms) - No personal information should be leaked in here without consent from the person that it is about. This includes social media and pictures! - Microphone spam is not allowed, this is playing music through your mic, using a soundboard or scream into it on purpose. - Police Radio is for only officers and should always be enforced RTO unless given permission. - You are not allowed to harass others in voice-channels even if the staff isn't there. - Always use common sense while inside a voice-channel. - We may at anytime remove you from our communities / discords without any reason, this is just in some cases. You will be alerted why and if it happends. - Leaking any private information publicly or in DMs is a permanent removal from our communities / servers. Also a report filed to the trust and safety team at discord. - Try use realistic usernames in-game such as (James Smith, Angelina Jones) etc, it will improve roleplay. Los Angeles Laws - Armoured / Vehicles with weapons are not allowed to use at any time! This goes for unrealistic vehicles such as huge trucks not fitting on road etc. - No intention to roleplay (NITRP) counts as going out of character, randomly interfering with a scene, breaking peacetime. - Random Deathmatch (RDM) is not allowed at any time! - Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is counted when you kill a person with your vehicle, a small push and not driving over is not counted as VDM. VDM is not permitted! - Always roleplay your actions done in-game. - Value your life, if you have a gun to your head. You can't take up a pistol and shoot the person with a gun to your head! - Drive realistically on all public roads, follow signs and lights! - Speed boosting or manually messing with the speed of the vehicle is not allowed and will get you kicked/banned. - Abuse of our rules will get you permanently banned and blacklisted from the community. - Always respect staff and their decisions. - To become an officer, apply in our law-discord. - Not all rules are listed here, but use common sense to understand our rules! - A microphone is not required but recommended to play. - When you play on our server or join this discord you automatically agree to these rules and understand if you break them you get banned or kicked! - Constantly cop baiting or triggering cops is against the rules. Such as drifting in front of an officer. - Maximum two callsigns per player. - To be in more than one department at once, you will need DOC. - Stealing emergency vehicles is allowed if it is in roleplay, you cannot walk up to it and picklock it. But if you killed an officer, then you grab their keys then it is fine. - Firestations and Hospitals are now safe-zones, no killing or violent roleplay in these zones. - Repeating violent roleplay is a kick without warning. - Always doing violent roleplay (with guns and kidnappings) is a kick or ban without warning. - A reminder of new life rule, don't return back to the place you got killed within 10 minutes. - Racism is not allowed in roleplay or out of roleplay. - Sexual roleplay is allowed aslong as it is realistic and follows standard rules, we do not want anyone kidding around with sexual roleplay, if you are going to make a roleplay scenario with it do it properly. Server Information - While playing on our servers we can see your discord identifier, steam identifier and live identifier. - If you violate our server guidelines we may remove you and block you from using our servers via your identifiers such as the one mentioned above and your IP adress.
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