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  1. And the umarked minivan looks pretty much as a civ car already
  2. Name of member: Reason for report: Any witnesses?: Any evidence (Video, picture...):
  3. Name of staff member: Reason for report: Any witnesses?: Any evidence (Video, picture...):
  4. Fredsvar

    Event: Mission #42

    Mission #42 - We have three inmates in the Los Angeles State Penitentiary Those three inmates are Johnny R. A family person graduated from Los Angeles University at the age of 30. Finished police school, but then decided to kill his wife. Jonas Beck. Grew up in a rough area of Los Angeles, downtown. Heavily trained with weapons from his father that was ex-military. Knows well how to handle situations. Nickel Smith. The usual neighbourhood person gives flowers to new residents and comes over with help whenever needed. Put behind bars for economy scams. Mission - All of those three inmates need to escape; they have planned an escape but needs help from the outside. The prison is heavily guarded, and they need to be careful, they don't want any mess with this outbreak. After they get out they are heading down to Los Angeles to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), there a person will be waiting with a private aircraft to pick those up and fly them over to Paleto. When they are over Paleto, those three inmates are to jump on the Yacht out outside Paleto. Try to avoid the police.
  5. Fredsvar

    Event: Mission #42

    I will prob be a correction officer
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