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  1. Your roleplay name / person your representing?: About 4 poeple, Skeletron04, Mitch, Mrllama Your adress in Los Angeles?: Postal 6188 Who are you bringing to court?: The PD force at 02/04/2020 at around 7;45 (Swift, Cookie, Josh.W, Clazziks, K3vixn) and anyone who are witnessess Why are you brining them to court?: These officers had shot over 4 people holding axeses which where PROPS for a movie. The people holding the axeses posed no threat and werent harming anyone. 2 officers tased and beanbagged the people who did nothing wrong. The suspects were shot to death for doing nothing wrong, I believe all officers in this massacre shoukd be suspended for doing the wrong action and should be trialled for Murder and Manslaughter. One of the people who was tased was a 10 y/O boy and when being asked for ID he didnt have any as he was 10 years old wich ensude the officers yelling at him. Evidence?: All sight seen and multiple witnesses Where did this incident/crime happen?: San Andreas Avenue, infront of the Vespucci PD
  2. Lifeguards & Coastguards Instead of making Lifeguards and Coastguards only for DOC, why dont we make it an actual department Maybe this will enhance the RP on the beach. The the people who are Lifeguard and Coastguard would be trained as if they applied for medic. Extras Maybe if this does become a department we could add new vehicle and maybe more interiors like: Lifeguard Quaters Lifeguard Post Underwater areas Lifeguard Helicopters Lifeguard Vehicle (boats and cars etc)
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    Suggestion: Doing /hud ingame will remove everything on your screen (text, area, map etc) So we can take nicer photos
  4. Yeah thats happened to alot of people, dont reinstall fivem as it wont help, you may just have to wait about
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    Case Number: T3NG0 Your roleplay name / person your representing?: Im representing Marco H. Your adress in Los Angeles?: Paleto Blv Who are you bringing to court?: Cookie and Kieron L Why are you brining them to court?: The driver (Marco) was telling the cops that someone was chasing him, when he told the cops, one of the officers (Kieron) stepped on the hood of the mans vehicle just as he was going to drive off, the driver stopped but the officer ragdolled to say that he hit him, I would like my client to have a reduced sentence! Evidence?: All Sight Seen Where did this incident/crime happen?: Panorama
  6. Touring LA Touring LA is a biking competition where you ride a bike around the key areas in the map. There will be specific roles inside the event that are like, Cyclist, Camera car/man or women, EMS and Police, there may be more though it will have to be realistic. The winner may get a perk or drive a special vehicle (Up to Mitch) There will need to be at least 3 EMS 2-3 Camera People over 6 Cyclists 4 Officers The reporters can be in a realistic vehicle, like a motorcycle, car or even a helicopter. This can be recorded on Youtube Streamed on Twitch Or anything different So we can promote the server Anyone who wants to join, please reply to this thread and say what you want to be!
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    Suggestion: If you do /hud, everything on your screen disapears so you can take pictures
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    whats up peeps, wait this is the wrong topic for me
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