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    Mission #42 - We have three inmates in the Los Angeles State Penitentiary Those three inmates are Johnny R. A family person graduated from Los Angeles University at the age of 30. Finished police school, but then decided to kill his wife. Jonas Beck. Grew up in a rough area of Los Angeles, downtown. Heavily trained with weapons from his father that was ex-military. Knows well how to handle situations. Nickel Smith. The usual neighbourhood person gives flowers to new residents and comes over with help whenever needed. Put behind bars for economy scams. Mission - All of those three inmates need to escape; they have planned an escape but needs help from the outside. The prison is heavily guarded, and they need to be careful, they don't want any mess with this outbreak. After they get out they are heading down to Los Angeles to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), there a person will be waiting with a private aircraft to pick those up and fly them over to Paleto. When they are over Paleto, those three inmates are to jump on the Yacht out outside Paleto. Try to avoid the police. Here we can discuss things related to the event 🙂 Date & Time for Mission #42 is 14th of March at 19.00 GMT +1 CET
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    Rules - Racism is not allowed - Abusing the chat system is not permitted - Using bugs/hacks to get money is not allowed and is a permanent ban - Reporting huge bugs may result in a reward - Police can patrol illegal zones every 15 minutes, found being in a red zone is resulting in arresting/kill on sight if you are a danger for an officer. - Carrying all kind of narcotics is illegal - Carrying weapons is not allowed, they should remain at home at all times - Advertising is not permitted in any way, in discord or in-game. - Stealing emergency vehicles isn't allowed. - In a robbery, always negotiate before start shooting, no shooting right away. - You can't kill paramedics! But kidnapping them is allowed as long as they don't die. - New life rule is active from when you die, and don't get revived. It has a period of 15 minutes so don't return to the death location within 15 minutes! - Max seven people in a gang, including the owner of the gang. - Doing robberies on stores and banks while police are not online is counted as failrp and money will be deducted from your wallet/bank. - Exploiting is not allowed in any form. - Your allowed to carry a handgun if you have a license - If you know someone is using bugs / modding, you have to tell staff otherwise you and the modder gets punished. - Killing NPCs to get weapons will result in punishment. - If there is below than 3 cops on, officers can break new life rule and spawn as new units if it is prioritized situations such as robberies and kidnappings. - Chemical license is illegal, same with money laundering license. Police may seize this at all times. - While in cuffs you are not allowed to communicate to anyone in chat, twitter, phone or any other way than speaking in-game. - To make an gang you have to donate for the gang perk in our store, this is to avoid people abusing their gangs. - If you lose/can’t take out items because of a bug that can be fixed in the future, you will have to wait. If you died or something like that from a modder or bug, have evidence and show it to a staff member and we will refund you! - Officers can decide to send you to jail and fine you, or just fine you. It depends on the situation and the officer. - You have the right to have a lawyer; you can choose to contact one or go directly to jail or get fined. - Your only allowed to rob stores, yacht, mansion and other places with a minimum of 3 cops on duty, press F10 to check this!
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    Suggestion: Doing /hud ingame will remove everything on your screen (text, area, map etc) So we can take nicer photos
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    What to post any picture for Fire/EMS. These pictures can go from some really nice solo vehicle pictures, to some really nice scene pictures. It’s your choice what you want to post.
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    For all the motorcycle fanatics 😉. Here we can post our best and most intresting images of in-game motorcycles!
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    I will lick my AR-15 before I shoot the civilians
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    You can be. I will DM you 1 hour before the event, just send me a reminder then.
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